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Nick Is Every Child’s Best Friend

Hello! My name is Nick Copernicus and I’m a teddy. I know, teddys rarely travel, yet here I am, on the bus, with my favorite driver Ivan, and my friends, coordinators Ania and Sylwia. Sometimes the bus is empty, sometimes it’s packed to the rafters. The girls tell me that we travel from Poland to Lviv and back. On our way there, I can sit in one of the seats. On our way back, I’m stashed in the luggage compartment. That’s because I’m so big, and every seat is so precious. My job is to welcome kids on board, make sure they light up for a moment after days, weeks of their ordeal fleeing the war. I don’t know much, but I do know that war is bad. So I give my seat up and move below deck. These kids are very tired, they need to sit down to rest. I’m just a stuffed animal, so I don’t mind, I can travel rolled up into a ball. Sometimes I wish I had my own human, but this is war, and in wartime I must serve as many as I can. That’s why I’m here and I will travel as long as it takes. I’m just glad I can be of assistance.