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It is not a plant or a city in Slovenia

The Foundation’s name comes from the patron of a high school in Lodz, Poland most of us graduated from. The Copernicus Group brings together people who believe that “impossible is nothing”. Those restless souls who don’t know how to wait around for someone else to step in were soon joined by their families, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances to form a community of like-minded activists.

It comes from the heart.

Evil, whether it manifests itself: in Poland, Ukraine, or anywhere else in the world, is exceedingly hard to ignore. This war’s particularly cruel turns can make one feel helpless. We are fully aware that individually we cannot bring relief to those most in need. Our Foundation’s strength is what binds us – not merely the school or a shared scouting troop, but the ingrained need to help – help here and now, help those who need it most. It all started with a single Ukrainian family whom Dominika and Marcin wanted our support in aiding. Then it just snowballed faster than anyone could have expected and here we are. The Copernicus Group exists because together we can make a difference.


The Board

Dominika Sobiepańska  – President Dominika runs the Foundation’s legal and financial operations and is responsible for business and institutional partnerships. She focuses on the issues of social integration and professional activation of the refugees.
Annia HymanSecretary Ania is the Foundation’s office manager and takes care of all administrative issues. She is responsible for international partnerships and operations in the United States.
Katarzyna Bednarska Board Member Kasia organizes all language classes and makes sure our refugees receive the psychological support they need. She is responsible for grant writing and targeted donations.

Karolina Nowicka-TkaczykBoard Member Karolina coordinates our evacuation and rescue efforts. She is responsible for social campaigns, direct material aid, and institutional partnerships. She also supervises our volunteers.

Policy Council

Marcin SobiepańskiPresident
Przemysław LipińskiVice President
Arkadiusz JadczakSecretary
Marcin Banasiak Council Member
Michał Araszkiewicz Council Member