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The Copernicus Group

We are an NGO with a mission to deliver humanitarian and integration aid both in Poland and abroad. Spontaneously created in the first days of the war in Ukraine by a group of alumni, scouts, and friends of the Nicolaus Copernicus High School in Lodz, Poland, the Copernicus Group has mobilized over 1,000 people to help those affected by the conflict – the internally displaced and refugees alike. The need to make a difference filled our lives and our hearts. Nothing has been the same ever since. 

The Copernicus Group

The Foundation’s mission includes: delivering humanitarian relief; supporting refugees and the internally displaced; providing medical aid to the victims of humanitarian crises; offering education opportunities; and facilitating the social integration of people arriving in Poland.

Aid in Ukraine

We deliver food, personal hygiene products, and medical supplies directly to eastern Ukraine.

Evacuation and Rescue Efforts

To date, our Free Ukraine buses have evacuated over 5,000 vulnerable people, chiefly women and children, but also the elderly and persons with disabilities. 


We run free Polish language classes for all age groups. Over 200 graduates successfully completed our introductory courses. 

Material Aid

We facilitate social integration, help secure appropriate housing, offer employment assistance, and guarantee kids can continue education in Polish schools and kindergartens. We also provide legal and logistical support and ensure access to healthcare. 

Copernicus Group

„No one has ever become poor by giving.” [A. Frank]


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Copernicus Group

Bank: Santander Bank Poland

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NIP/ National Tax ID: 7262691575
KRS/National Court Register No.: 0000973732
Address: Grunwaldzka 69, 91-337 Łódź, Poland


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