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The Copernicus Group

We are an NGO with a mission to deliver humanitarian and integration aid both in Poland and abroad.


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Through regular fundraisers and charity drives, we support the people of Ukraine and those who have fled to Poland. Our team collects nonperishable food, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and other goods for children and the elderly, which we deliver directly to those most in need. 

Direct Humanitarian Aid Convoys

We organize direct humanitarian and medical aid convoys to Ukraine (Bucha, Kharkiv, Donetsk), which deliver food, personal hygiene products, generators, and medical supplies. 


Medical Aid

We provide a broad range of medical services. We buy and collect first aid and other medical supplies, delivering them to EMTs and paramedics on the ground, as well as municipal and field hospitals. We organize highly specialized medical transports of chronically ill children (including those in need of dialysis) and the wounded, guaranteeing their continued treatment in Poland or elsewhere in Europe. We educate Ukrainian parents and guardians about basic early-age immunizations and Covid-19. We help the new arrivals navigate the intricacies of the Polish healthcare system. 

Polish Language Classes

We offer Polish language classes to refugees of all ages, as well as Ukrainian language classes to Polish students and volunteers. We provide classroom materials free of charge and guarantee childcare for the duration of the lessons. We procure school starter kits, including computers. We support local schools and libraries in their effort to make available Ukrainian-language books and periodicals. 


Material Aid

We offer wide-ranging material aid, and secure appropriate accommodations for the families arriving in Poland. These houses and apartments are equipped with everything the families might need at the start, including furniture, appliances, cleaning and personal hygiene products, basic foodstuffs, bedding, and clothing. We are also raising additional funds to extend sustained, long-term rent assistance to those in our care. We strive to facilitate the refugees’ entrance into the job market. We assist with resume writing and establish connections with potential employers, offering legal, administrative, and psychological support.  


We organize evacuations of the most vulnerable (chiefly women and children, but also the elderly and persons with disabilities) from Central Train Station Lviv-Holovnyi to refugee reception points along the Polish-Ukrainian border. We supply and support a number of such reception points. 

Targeted Projects

Our Programs

A Car for the EMT

A Car for the EMT

Fundraising to buy an appropriate vehicle for the paramedics in Lviv.
100 Days of War

100 Days of War

An art competition for the kids organized together with the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War.
Polish Girls for Ukrainian Girls

Polish Girls for Ukrainian Girls

Collecting nice, new undergarments, most notably bras, for Ukrainian women and girls arriving in Poland.
Survival Kit: A Package for a Civilian

Survival Kit: A Package for a Civilian

Assembling bare-bones food packets for ordinary people facing starvation in eastern Ukraine.
Teddies in Lviv

Teddies in Lviv

ollecting stuffed animals and dolls to help soothe the youngest at waystations and border crossings.