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There Is Such Thing as a Free Ride

They can’t ask their owners to bring them along when they flee. They can’t cross the border on their own. But they are scared nonetheless. They board our buses hoping for a moment of peace. Their selfless companionship eases the pain of their owners. They don’t whine, they aren’t loud or aggressive. They have absolute faith in their dearest humans. Dogs, cats, canaries, parakeets, rats, and other furry and feathered creatures have become regulars on our bus trips. Because how are you supposed to say no when a pug’s sad black eyes look straight into your soul?


Multicultural Picnic

It was a day filled with activities and fun, the faces of our little wards and their families beaming. We got to know each other a little better, chat, forget about the war, the flight, the hastily abandoned homes, even if only for a couple of hours. 

We hope next time even more people will join us, although an attendance of 110 participants was still pretty impressive for our first public event ever. 

See you next time! 

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